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Jenga Extreme!!!

I recently had the chance to try "Jenga Extreme."

Jenga Extreme is Jenga, but with two-thirds of the blocks are colored black and green, and they all have slanted sides.

The paint on the colored blocks make for less friction while pulling blocks out, but the balance on the tower is a very different animal than that of standard Jenga. The slanted sides allows for the tower to be set up leaning, or leaning and doubling back, or whatever. The balance issue, as you can imagine, is much more complicated.

On the other hand, I doubt that standard Jenga will be supplanted by the new one because the set-up of Jenga Extreme takes forever, particularly if you want to play with an interesting tower. There is no easy way to do it, as even if you build the tower straight up, the blocks have to fit together.

Furthermore, I had some trouble getting used to the new version. Since Jenga tends to be played at parties or by people hanging out, Jenga Extreme may be too much for the inebriated.

My Jenga mp3 CD is on version 4.7, by the way, and it has surpassed nine hours in length. Yes, nine hours of the most nerve-wracking music in my copious collection. I have found that, in addition to my Verizon compatriots (who would not play Jenga unless I brought in the CDs that I made initially), there are some folks at my current job who are interested in this twist in the game.
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