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Trials of the Bronze Mist

For about a week now, The Bronze Mist has had trouble starting. The key wouldn't turn in the lock without some serious jiggling. This is a problem, as I do take some substantial trips in her from time to time. Raz and I had hoped to be able to go see Tim tomorrow, and I would like to get up to Boston sometime this month.

Unfortunately, the mechanic is not able to finish the job tonight. He says the issue was with the lock itself - I think the key is very worn - and he needs to get a locksmith involved. This may totally tear up my plans to go up to Rockland tomorrow, which is annoying as I haven't seen Tim in a very long time, and I wasn't able to get up there last Saturday owing as to my exhaustion from the hungover yard sale incident. I might be able to borrow my stepdad's car for tomorrow, but I really don't want to.

Hopefully they will have the car finished early tomorrow (so that I might leave work early, pick it up and go fulfill all my normal plans).

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