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2004... better than 2003 I hope.

New Year's Eve was great fun.

Chana and Chris invited me over, and there was plenty of merriment to go around.

Chris made food, which included bow-tie pasta alla vodka with smoked mozzarella, steamed mussels with cream-onion sauce and smothered pork chops.

Chana made dessert, consisting of brownies á la mode (with homemade whipped cream and vanilla wafers) and rasberry cheesecake. She also made the sangria.

There was a lot of music mostly Beatles and Zeppelin, a little Jenga and a lot of fun.

The only dark aspect of the whole thing was that there was a woman there who kept trying to get me to tell her what my birthday was so she could figure out my astrological sign. I behaved very well, keeping my silence, and not once mentioning that I felt that anybody who takes astrology seriously needs to have their genitalia removed as so to protect the intelligence level of the human gene-pool.
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