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Artoo Detoo

I must extend my apologies to mals13; I've been having some connection problems in my apartment. I was cut off, and so I didn't see those IMs until I found them my phone a few hours later. Sorry!

“Dammit, I knew I should have gone before I left the Daily Planet.”

I've been listening to the album for Superman Returns quite a bit. Ottman's liner notes say that he was terrified of messing up this project, and I can say that he certainly didn't from where I'm standing. He really did fashion a worthy successor to Superman: The Movie, and that is no small feat. It is, in my opinion, his finest work since his breakout success with The Usual Suspects

However, this brings me to a minor contradiction. I believe that - with the exception of that coitus interuptus lead-up to the Superman march that never gets there at the very end of "Fly Away," which is accurate to the film - Ottman's album is well programmed with good selections that make it an excellent album representation of the score. Unfortunately, even though I think that the official soundtrack album is a superb presentation, this is one of those cases where I want more. Not every film score can stand up to a complete and chronological presentation, and, not having heard Superman Returns in such a fashion I can not say for sure how well it would hold up under such scrutiny, but there were quite a few cues in the film that were excellent.² I liked the choir which was added to the Krypton fanfare at the beginning of the film, and as I keep saying, the album doesn't have near enough of Lex's theme on it.

“Eet wuz yust so beeg!”

I just recently got back a bunch of DVDs that I had loaned out. Among them were the 2004 Star Wars trilogy discs. I realized that I hadn't put any Star Wars on my new gigunda TV, so I broke out The Empire Strikes Back and marvelled anew. Damn, the Executor is one big ship!

I then proceeded to put most of the scores from the original trilogy on the iAudio; up until now, it's only had my Star Wars trilogy mix on it, but of course I want to be able to listen to the scores proper as well. I put the Special Edition discs of Star Wars on, as it sounds the best out of all of the issues of that score, but I am using the Arista box set presentations of Empire and Jedi as the basis for those programs, partly because they are superior in terms of selection than the Special Edition versions, but mostly for the sound, which is much better than that of the Special Editions, particularly Jedi. As a result, Star Wars is complete, but Empire and Jedi will be essentially the Arista versions (resequenced so the material from the fourth disc is in context with the material in the respective film's folder) with some extra fills from the Special Edition versions.

...and I've named the iAudio. It's one of those things would ordinarily be just a little too obvious for my taste, but it is fitting. I have adjusted my wallpaper to reflect the iAudio's new monicker:

Note the USB 2.0 cable.

This may mean that the foul taste of the prequel trilogy is gradually being washed away, and I may well be able once again to watch Star Wars with that wide-eyed wonder...

¹ Yes, I do like the X2 score very much, but I have to admit that it is not so much its value as music, but because it pushes specific buttons in me.

² I sometimes pursue complete scores not so much for listening purposes, but to have more material available for mixes. Often I put together my own versions of albums for listening purposes, which I did with Basil Poledouris' Conan the Barbarian and Trevor Jones' The Dark Crystal.
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