Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
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My grandparents just got a new computer, finally replacing the old one, which was nine years old. The old one finally just up and died, so they had no choice.

My grandmother is willfully clueless¹, but whosamama is convinced that my grandfather can be enticed to be interested in the internet once he finds out how much information there is there. Unfortunately, I disagree. He's had access to the internet for several years now, and I have many times showed him some of what's possible there. He's interested in history, literature and electronics, and there are tons of resources on the 'net for him to use, but he hasn't ever really showed too much interest in them. They use the computer to pay their bills, every once and a while getting an e-mail from one of their friends. My grandfather would certainly get a lot out of the internet, but I feel that it is just something that he feels is beyond him. And, given his gradually slipping mental state, he might be right.

* * *

I don't know what is up with this sudden resurgence of Jews for Jesus? Now that they've got this "Jesus for Jews" campaign going on, they've been showing up everywhere. They're all over Grand Central, and they have put banners up on one of the overpasses stradling the Long Island Expressway and have people waving at people and playing with pom-poms behind the banners in either direction. It would be hysterical to see adults behaving in this manner if it wasn't so sad.

The worst part about it is the expression on their faces as they danced on the overpass. They really look like the Children of Doom² up there.

¹ - I tried to show her how to use the computer once and she played dumb. I know her well enough to know the difference between when she actually can't do something and when she doesn't care to learn to do something. There is this method of pretending one can't understand how to use an item that is specific to old Jewish ladies, it involves deliberately mispronouncing things and finding it 'difficult' to follow the protocols, no matter how straightforward they are compared to other things they've gotten used to using over the years. It's infuriating, but also pointless to resist; trust me, there are few things on this planet more stubborn than an old Jewish lady who doesn't want to do something.

² - Given that they're essentially Christians (regardless of how they characterize themselves), it may be a rather apt comparison; I've read my Tacitus and Suetonius, I know all about the followers of this noxious superstition and their habit of lunching on children.
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