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Better Living Through Technology

Whilst puttering about the 'net yesterday, I found the picture from the "Free Willzyx" episode of South Park. I was so amused by actually having had the chance to see the boys looking realistic that I posted it.

This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see that cookie_girl had taken the image and pulled a most satisfying Ted Turner on it:

* * *

Zach got himself a 6.1 surround system two years ago (ironically making his system the best sounding in the house; there's something poetic about that but it involves way too much backstory that really isn't all that interesting to explain), and so his old stereo went down to the basement. On a whim, I claimed it before it got thrown out. It spent a few weeks at the old house. On the day of the yard sale, I set it up just so we could have music in the garage while people browsed, and I was actually surprised at how relatively good it sounded. It then spent two weeks in the trunk of my car (don't ask).

I did a slight bit of tidying this morning, and in the process ended up setting up the stereo on the shelf unit of the kitchen/living room area of my apartment. If I wanted to listen to music in here before, I would take the little mp3 CD player I have out of the bathroom to do so. This was somewhat annoying and never sounded all that good (that thing sounds fine in the confines of the bathroom, but it just can't fill up a larger space), and so I am quite happy to now have a pretty decent sounding source of music for this other room. It doesn't play mp3s* but it plays CD-Rs just fine, so I can basically listen to CDs and my mixes out here. Which is fine.

The unit has a remote control which I didn't get, but unfortunately it would cost fifty bucks, and I'm sorry, no remote is worth that much.

* This, of course, means that Jenga™ mp3 CD will not be usable out here unless I take the little boombox out of the bathroom again; my solution is that Jenga™ will not be played out here, but in the other room on the big sound system. The Jenga™ mp3 CD is most fun when I put a surround mode on it anyway, as I'm not really going for fidelity with it but effect.
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