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At last...

Doug Adams writes over at
Ok gang,

I’m just back in town now. I’ll dig into questions tonight in earnest, but for now a quick—and yes, important!—update. A couple of key people had to be away this week on personal business, so while there won’t yet be an official statement in the press, Howard just called to ask me to let you know that…

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – The Complete Recordings will be available in late October, 2006.

So spread the word. You’ve got less than three months to wait now!

Back later,

This is great news! It is nice that I don't have to wait until December for it! Hopefully that means that Return of the King might be bumped up a bit too, hopefully coming out in late Summer of next year...

No doubt about it, October is going to be one interesting month on many levels...
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