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Finching Shire, Flying Saucers, Skin Jobs and Acting Lessons

I got some great news today...

Shire... Baggins...

David Fincher's new project will be being scored by none other than the great and powerful DAVID SHIRE!!! While I have enjoyed Howard Shore's collaborations with David Fincher, it will be great to hear a new score from a truly creative voice that hasn't been heard from in quite a while. Too long a time, in my opinion. While my favorite score of his remains The Conversation, I've been finding myself listening to Farewell, My Lovely fairly often as well.

Not quite an Astromech 'droid, but he'll do for now.

Forbidden Planet was one of my favorite movies growing up.¹ It is getting a remaster from restored elements for its 50th anniversary and will be available as a 2 disc DVD featuring a whole bunch of special features and an "Ultimate Edition" which will contain a bunch of memorabilia and a Robby the Robot action figure. I have the Criterion laserdisc, so I had previously avoided buying the original bare-bones DVD because while it was anamorphic (though not credited as such on the dust jacket), it was improperly framed at 2.35:1, but I expect the new transfer to be in the correct CinemaScope 2.55:1 aspect ratio.

Have a better one!

Apparently, Ridley Scott's new cut of Blade Runner will be getting a limited theatrical release similar to the 1992 release of the so-called "Director's Cut." Unfortunately, I missed seeing Blade Runner on the big screen, and so I'm quite excited about the prospect of being able to do so at long last.

Regarding the "yet another cut" argument... while I do agree that there will now be more versions of Blade Runner floating around than there are species of insects, I have to say that at least Scott isn't trying to pretend the previous editions of the film didn't exist, and the original 1982 theatrical versions will be included in the 2007 DVD release of the film (the one due out in September will simply be another release of the so-called "Director's Cut"). I also have to say that the 1992 project was very compromised early on, and is actually less representive of a "Director's Cut" of the film than the 1982 versions.

By the way, I've noticed that the press materials further the fallacy that the 1982 cuts of Blade Runner² were not Scott's; the cut was most certainly his, if not the narration. Yes, Bud Yorkin constantly rewrote the narration, but the film never got taken away from him and Terry Rawlings.

Which leads to another question; will the new version of the film have one of the other narration tracks that Ford recorded for the film? The concept that Scott didn't want narration is complete bullshit; it was part of the script from day one and also furthers the movie's relationship to the film noir genre. The oft-derided narration has a tendency to come across as stilted and wooden, mostly because Harrison Ford, who didn't like working on the film at all, was sick and tired of recording so many of them by the time he came in to do what ended up in the film. I think Scott wanted it removed from the 1992 project because with the time crunch that was occuring to get it in theaters for the film's tenth anniversary it would be impossible to find all of those elements. As it stands, there are serious questions about where that unicorn footage came from.³

"Entschuldigen Sie mich, allgemein. Würden Sie sich interessieren, um draußen zu treten?"
"Übermensch!" "Übermensch!" "Übermensch!"
"Übermensch, danken Gott. Ich bedeute, erhalte ihn!"
Yes, Superman II in German. Sorry, personal joke to myself.

I had a strange conversation with Ryan (Douchebag, not suitboyskin) last night about Superman Returns. He hadn't seen the film yet, and was wondering if it was to the previous Superman movies what Batman Begins was to the Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher series. I explained to him that it was a direct sequel to Superman II, and that it was completely unambiguous. He was apparently having trouble with the idea that the the films maintained continuity despite a different cast. It didn't bother me, I just accepted that the characters were being played by different actors. Perhaps because I'm more familiar with the various television incarnations of Superman, I may be a bit more amenable to switching out the performers (Noelle Neill/Phyllis Coates, anybody?).

¹ My journal title, "Monsters from the Id," originates from this film.

² Yes, there are two of them. There is the American theatrical release and the slightly more violent European cut; most American video releases were actually the latter. One of Scott's disappointments with the 1992 "Director's Cut" was the fact that it didn't have the additional material from the European version.

³ Apparently, nobody could find any of the original Blade Runner unicorn footage. Rawlings says he doesn't remember it from the original assembly (and he insists he saw all the footage, which, as supervising film editor, he most likely would have), and the fact of the matter is that it bears a remarkable visual similarity to footage from Legend, so the source of what actually appears in the film is suspect.
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