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Grumble grumble grumble...

I have worked out in my mind already a perfect Superman mix. It would be awesome. Truly. I know exactly how it will open and close, and the overall structure. I've worked out how to include cues from Superman II and III without the album being repetitive. I have several of the tracks from the first movie edited in my head.¹ There's only one small problem. The one in my head has a few tracks from Superman Returns that aren't on the album (including the arresting new choral arrangement of the Krypton fanfare and the cue for Noelle Neill's death among others). Damn it. Hopefully there might be a two disc set like the one for X2 floating around in the not too distant future...²

I know I'm in the minority in that I like "March of the Villains," even though I admit that it does undercut some of the menace Lex Luthor presents (it's perfect for Otis, of course), but I have to say that I think that Ottman's Luthor motif is much better in that regard, and is also much more versatile. The maniacal arrangment heard in "Not Like the Train Set" is really cool, and I liked how it was able to fit right over the Superman ostinato in "Saving the World."

I've started doing some preliminary work on a follow-up to The Farthest Reaches and a neo-noir mix, both of which were ideas that have been kicking around for a while, but that I haven't gotten around to developing much. I've also been considering doing a mix consisting of bad guy music... that one might work out well; open and close with Darth Vader's theme and just spend an entire CD exploring evil... these are all, of course, to distract me from the Superman mix that I really want to make, but since I can't do that right now...

¹ The score for Superman: The Movie was issued in complete form by Rhino several years ago; I know where I can get a copy of the Japanese CD of Superman II and III (I try to use the best source I can for my mixes; no downloads unless absolutely necessary), I only plan to include the opening fanfare from Superman IV which I can record directly from a DVD rented from Netflix... that only leaves the additional material from Superman Returns... alas.

² I even have one already completed in actuality. I edited the "Prelude and Title March" to conform more to the film version than the track is presented as such on the Rhino set already (not the bars cut out for running time; lack of a tail at the end of the finale). I did it for listening purposes on Artoo, and just didn't delete the wav file when I converted it to mp3, so it's still there, just waiting to be track 3 on my mix.
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