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Cross Country

In the summer of 1997, myself and some friends from college rented a van and drove across the country. This was the first time I had ever kept a journal. At the back of my little notebook, I wrote down the music that we listened to. While that journal has gone its own way (I have moved twice since then), for some reason I managed to keep the list of the music.

My plan was to put together a mix tape consisting of some of the music that I most strongly connected to the trip for all of us that went. Life intervened, however, and that tape never went made. Two years ago, I found the list and began compiling a CD. I was never satisfied with the results and shelved the project for later.

Later came a few days ago, and I listened to that original CD to find what worked and what didn't and I looked at the list to see if there was anything on it that would work better.

The resulting disc is one I am very proud of. I carefully worked with the program and transitions to smooth them out as best as possible. The disc is not exactly chronological, but instead represents a mélange of what I remember from the journey. No track appears here that we didn't listen to at some point in the journey.

Some comments:

One of the reasons for the fact that there are so many Led Zeppelin songs is because I brought my gray box set with me, which I had just bought. While I had heard and liked Zeppelin before, it wasn't until this trip that I truly grokked Zeppelin. The two Neil Young tracks sort of became the unofficial theme of the journey while we were travelling.

The excerpt from Vertigo was because I always associated that score with San Francisco; I played the score while Chana was driving through. Conan was played while we drove through the mountains, and Chris and I listened to Batman after we fled Cleveland to Chicago.

"Changes" is forever burned in our minds as "Chicken" thanks to Katch, who had not heard the song before, while the James Cotton song was from a CD that some Armenian friends of Haig who lived in Los Angeles.

Laurie brought a tape of Passion: Music from the Last Temptation of Christ with her when she joined us; this particular track, which I heard on my last day before I separated from the group and flew back home to get to work, made a big impression on me. In a way it was my farewell to those I travelled with.

Cross Country

1. Unknown Legend (4:27)
written by Neil Young
performed by the Neil Young and the Stray Gators
from the album “Harvest Moon”

Descent Into Mystery (1:30)
composed by Danny Elfman
performed by the Sinfonia of London conducted by Shirley Walker
from the original soundtrack recording of “Batman”

The Crystal Ship (2:31)
written by Jim Morrison, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek and John Densmore
performed by the Doors
from the collection “The Best of the Doors”

Eleanor Rigby (2:03)
written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
performed by the Beatles
from the album “Revolver”

The Wind Cries Mary (3:19)
written by Jimi Hendrix
performed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience
from the album “Are You Experienced”

That’s the Way (5:30)
written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
performed by Led Zeppelin
from the album “Led Zeppelin III”

Your Blue Room (5:18)
written by Brian Eno, Bono, Adam Clayton, the Edge and Larry Mullen Jr
performed by Passengers
from the album “Original Soundtracks 1”

Welcome To the Machine (6:36)
written by Roger Waters
performed by Pink Floyd
from the album “Wish You Were Here”

Changes (3:33)
written and performed by David Bowie
from the collection “Changes”

Allegro (5:46)
composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
performed by the Academy of St. Martin-In-the-Fields conducted by Neville Marriner
from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”

Going To California (3:30)
written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
performed by Led Zeppelin
from the untitled fourth Led Zeppelin album

Theology & Civilization (3:06)
composed and conducted by Basil Poledouris
performed by members of the orchestra and chorus of Santa Cecelia and the Radio Symphony of Rome
from the original soundtrack recording of “Conan the Barbarian”

Ultra Violet (Light My Way) (5:29)
written by Bono and the Edge
performed by U2
from the album “Achtung Baby”

Ten Years Gone (6:27)
written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant
performed by Led Zeppelin
from the album “Physical Graffiti”

Scotty Tails Madeline (3:53)
composed by Bernard Herrmann
performed by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra conducted by Joel McNeely
from a recording of the original score of “Vertigo”

All Walks of Life (3:29)
written and performed by James Cotton
from the album “Deep In the Blues”

Tea In the Sahara (4:42)
written by Sting
performed by the Police
from “The Police Live”

A Different Drum (4:55)
written and performed by Peter Gabriel
from the album “Passion: Music from the Last Temptation of Christ”

Harvest Moon (5:02)
written by Neil Young
performed by Neil Young and the Stray Gators with Linda Ronstadt
from the album “Harvest Moon”

This compilation is for private, home use only and is not licensed for public sale.
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