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Don't fence me in...

It isn't often that you have the chance to say that you've done something that you've never done before. Today is one of those days. Today, I helped to build a fence.

Verizon is a major contributor to Habitat for Humanity, and since HFH depends on volunteer work, it sometimes offers the services of volunteers from the work force (I'm absolutely certain that our pay for the day is tax-deductible or something). As a result, some of us went to Lakeview today instead of going to work and built a fence for the Nassau County branch of the HFH.

You know, despite how easy Clark makes it look on Smallville, it was some pretty heavy work. The holes had to be dug for the posts. To do this, we had these dirt scooper thingies. The posts were then put in and the fence was attached to the posts. Then we had to make minor adjustments on the height of the posts and fill in the dirt around them. Most of the holes were fairly easy, but John and I had two that were right by tree stump, and we had to cut out the roots as they were running through where the fence had to go. We had no power tools save for a chainsaw and a drill, neither of which can be used in a hole, so all of that had to be done manually. And it was also very, very sunny out. I have a farmer's tan on my arms that wasn't there before and I found when I got home that my face had turned red.

This is the fence we built. I believe that it is going to be stained another day. The concrete driveway you see will be taken out and a single story, four bedroom house will be erected for a low income family. The van belonged to Tom, the Habitat volunteer in charge of the construction project. It was not only satisfying work (the blister on my right thumb notwithstanding), but it was also fun to have done this with Anel the dispatcher and my steward John (who is her fiance), to interact with them in a context that I never have before.

One of the volunteers was Frank, foreman to both John and myself, and who works in the office with Anel. Unfortunately, he told us that the second liner insisted he go to the office today because there were a lot of managers out today. That was disappointing. All of us were looking forward to seeing him sweat. The lazy bastard.

Yoinked, with a big "WTF?" from dollyknuckles:

Of course, a lot of these results might just be because that's not a terribly good photo of me, but still... huh?
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