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While it did stop raining pretty quickly, this was still one grueling day. My parents just have way too much shit. It required two trips with a truck that was veritably cavernous. However, we did get everything over and into the new house. Today, for the first time, I actually met Jerry (who is buying my parents' house) and Lisa (from whom my parents were buying the new house). And this is the first time that I've actually seen the house itself. It's a nice space, but they really need to move in there and make it their own, because it is very cold right now (not in the temperature sense of the term). The backyard is very, very nice, with a big ass pool.

Poor Willie was very excited and confused today. We kept him occupied with pig's ears (which he is completely ga-ga over). When we got to the new house the was really freaking out. I felt really bad, but you just can't really explain moving to a dog.

He'll get over it.

I showed up on Friday night and found Mom and Steve doing a lot but not accomplishing much. What would happen is that they would start a specific task in one place. Then they'd go someplace else for some resource the task required, and notice something that needed to be done and start that. Then they'd have to go somewhere else again for something they needed to do. I stopped them, I explained to them what they were doing and forced them to only work on one thing at a time. As a result, they completed a lot more, and all of a sudden things started getting done. This morning, when the group of people that my parents, Zach and I assembled to start the move, my mother informed them that I overrode anything that she or Steven said. That was rather interesting to hear.

But the real hero of the day was my mother's friend from work, Auggie, one of the people who came to help - who was great at organizing the truck. He looked and sounded almost exactly like Seymour Cassell:

Okay, I'm off to bed.
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