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Bumpedump. Bumpedump bumpedump. Bumpedump bumpedump bump bump bump bump bump bumpedump bumpedump...

I have a pretty low-resolution copy of the main and end titles from Superman IV that somebody ripped directly from the DVD. Alexander Courage used an alternate arrangement of the march that John Williams had composed for the main title of Superman: The Movie (it appears at the beginning of the second Rhino disc) for both, although he rounded out the end title with the longform versions of the Superman bridge and "Can You Read My Mind" sections. I plan to rent and make my own rip of these sequences for listening purposes... and one day, if there is an expanded Superman Returns CD set floating around that I might be able to get ahold of, the Superman mix. I really, really, really want to make that mix (I even ordered Ken Thorne's music from Superman II and III already), but I do want several cues from Superman Returns that don't appear on the official album. Especially that choral arrangement of "The Planet Krypton" and Gertrude Vanderworth's death scene (which features the introduction of Lex's motif).

A rare candid shot shows Kal-El making use
of the Fortress of Solitude's lavatory facilites.

You can all blame jenvargas for these:

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