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Art sent out an e-mail to verify whether we would be down for a viewing of Conan the Barbarian followed by a game of RISK: The World Conquest Game™ on Sunday. See how quickly our conversation devolved...


Between the times when the oceans drank Atlantis and Monday morning, there was an age undreamed of, and unto this, Conan, destined to bear the jewelled crown of California upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!


Chronicler, it is ON!!!

Brad just got back to me, and he's in for Sunday. He's coming to my place on Sunday at 12pm. Factoring in traffic and other stuff, let's aim for a 1 or 2pm start.

I look forward to tearing down the apples and hearing the lamentations of the trees!!!


Hey guys, I hate to be the spoiler but I have some bad news about Sunday.

I just heard the weather report and although they call for light weeping early in the day, around sunset, they predict a high probability of a reign of disaster upon your homes. Seriously, I am concerned about your safety. A cold front of pain is coming in from the west and there is no predicting how little mercy you might receive. Doppler 2000 shows a high concentration of "whoop ass" already forming over Manhattan. Josh, Brad, Art - the station's reporter on the scene described that, incredibly, at this point, there is no Dana... only Zuul. Hurricane force annihilation could touch down in Bayside at any moment uprooting your infantry... cavalry... and armor. There is no treaty paper that can be signed against such an act of nature. It is reported that Taco Bell will be option number one for the first few seeking shelter from the deluge. However, low pressure in the vicinity of Taco Bell will create 100% likelihood of hot air, foul wind, and smog which will repel all but that first wave of refugees. Bottom line folks: You are urged NOT to be the ineffective warrior, NOT to attempt to do a "Rambo," NOT to pass go and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you do it for survival!!!!!!

It is recommended by the weather authority that in the game of life you all abandon your homes and your cash cards and retreat to a neutral country taking with you your belongings and Armenian pizzas.

After the storm subsides, if you survive, you may have wished you hadn't since it will be followed by thunderous taunting, mocking and general bad winner-a-tude.

Keep in mind, I did not have to warn you about this. I'm just mentioning it as a friend. Perhaps you guys should reconsider whether you still want to play.


I think he's trying to say he wants to get his ass pummelled, and make a Taco Bell run. That's fine by me!

After watching Conan, I'm sure we'll all be thirsting for blood...what better way to vent, than to "do it for survival"!!!

Be warned, Nate Dogg..."nobody trusts you" in the game! You'll be going home in a body bag first!


I think he's trying to say he wants to get his ass pummelled, and make a Taco Bell run.

Nate, I'm going to want the chalupa supreme combo with a Wild Cherry Pepsi, a steak enchrito and a burrito supreme. Make sure you get a lot of both mild and fire salsa. And hit the 7-11 on the way back, get me some Entenman's softee doughnuts and a bottle of water.


What a poor excuse for trash talking... I think I'll be watching football that day instead.... Art, I hope you have picture in picture.


Ahem. I don't do trash talking. I was merely making an extremely pragmatic statement based upon your statements and Art's interpretations thereof. I figured that I would save time and energy by stating what my Taco Bell requirements were beforehand.

Although you're one to talk about other people's shit talking. ANYBODY who has studied meteorology knows that cold fronts in the Tri-State area come from the EAST, not the west. Stoopid!

Now go get me my fucking tacos, bitch.


I see that Film Score Monthly is down. Again.
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