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I want to thank everybody who chimed in whether by comment, e-mail, text message or phone (you're all so resourceful!) in support today. It was most appreciated.

As it turns out, my grandparents had gone to the HIP center, got a clean bill of health (therein lies the irony), and when my grandfather went to get into the car, he lost his balance and fell over backwards; the parking garage attendant called 911, and he was brought by ambulance to Flushing Hospital. He cut the back of his head, which caused quite a bit of bleeding as head injuries are wont to do, but the neck brace did its job and there were no problems apparent on the MRI or X-rays.

My uncle had been working in College Point at the time, and had dropped in to see my grandparents; they were not there, and he was heading back to his home when he got the call from my grandmother. He turned around immediately, and was thus able to convey my grandmother back to her car (which was back at the garage) and everybody eventually got home safely.

Now, this all wreaked some havoc with my plans to see The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Citizen Kane tonight, but the same schedule, albeit with the movies switched, is on Thursday, and since I'm not doing the patch test thing anymore, I have that day free. And Raz is certainly down to see both; he's never seen Citizen Kane on the big screen, and the Ziegfield certainly qualifies as that. I'm actually finding myself getting rather excited about the prospect myself.
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