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Flattery will get you everywhere

Steven went to play cards last night. I had no plans other than keeping expenditures low, and so when whosamama asked if I wanted to come out to the Island to help her out a bit around the house, I agreed. I already had a couple of folding chairs and a coffee urn in the car I had gotten from my grandparents' for Rosh Hashanah next week (it's not a "Rusha Home-ah" this year as it falls on a Saturday) that I was most eager to get out of my car because the chairs knocked against each other and the coffee urn made weird noises.

We ended up going to the local Ciao, Baby! to try it out; we'd never been there before. The portions were obscenely gargantuan (which means that there are now enough leftovers in the 'fridge to last them until the holiday) but we were warned beforehand to save room for dessert. whosamama had to go outside to call Zach right when the waitress came over with the dessert options. She placed them down between myself and the next table.

The spread was fairly impressive, and the woman at the table next to us commented that I ought to wait for my wife to come back. When I told her that was my mother, she chuckled and told me that she was going to tell my wife that when she returned. When whosmama got back, the woman, with all of the self-righteous indignation of a classroom tattletale, informed whosmama that I was calling her "my mother," apparently expecting her to get angry at me. The flattered response of "And I love you, too!" baffled the woman until she was shown some pictures my mother had of me in her wallet from my cherubic years, thus proving that she was, indeed, my mother.

She was rather pleased for the rest of the evening. I guess it's nice to be mistaken for somebody who would be young enough to be your son... or is your son, for that matter...

...or it may just have been the Sangria...
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