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Film Music Links List



Screen Archives
One of the best sources for filmmusic on the 'net; the official distributor of Film Score Monthly CDs.

Varèse Sarabande Records
Record label specializing in film music; many limited edition releases along with original recordings.

Intrada Records
Record label specializing in film music; many limited edition releases along with original recordings.

Record label that releases all kinds of cool stuff.

Store and record label. Approach with caution.

La La Land
Record label specializing in offbeat projects.
Store that has a lot of good deals on new and used stuff.

Marco Polo Film Music Classics
Division of Naxos records featuring the superb John Morgan/William Stromberg score reconstructions.

Monstrous Movie Music
Record label of meticulous recreations of scores from classic (and some not-so-classic) horror, sci-fi and fantasy movies.


Soundtrack Collector
Online Database.


Elmer Bernstein

Official Site


Carter Burwell

Official Site Contains many samples of scores not commerically available

Wendy Carlos

Official Site

Christy Carew

Official Site

Don Davis

Official Site

Michael Giacchino

Offical Site

Jerry Goldsmith

Score Breakdowns

Bernard Herrmann

Herrmann Estate

Lee Holdridge

Official Site

Michael Kamen

Official Site

Jan A. P. Kaczmarek

Official Site

Alex North

Official Site

John Ottman

Official Site

Lalo Schifrin

Official Site

John Scott

JOS Records

Howard Shore

Official Site "LOTR Package Update" thread Part 1 and Part 2. The best source of information on the Lord of the Rings complete recordings project, featuring the participation of Doug Adams

Magpie Nest's Discussion on Shore's LOTR scores

Franz Waxman

Official Site

Debbie Wiseman

Official Site

John Williams

The John Williams Fan Network

Gabriel Yared

Official Site


Batman: The Animated Series:
Music by Shirley Walker and others

Hollywood Studio Symphony
Official Website

Additional Pieces I've Written

So You Think Herrmann Is Shallow, Do You? A sanitized essay about my experiences working at Tower Records

Listen Carefully Letter I wrote to The New York Times decrying a contributor's mishearing of the score for Saving Private Ryan; the irony of this being that I still feel that film would have been better off without a score at all

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