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I had a wonderful talk yesterday with Waystone, who regaled me with her experiences of taking her guitar in to be worked on. The person to whom she brought it to seemed to be quite a colorful character. The description put into my mind a huge pot of boiling hot water, from which he would use tongs to pull a guitar out of and check its progress.

"I'll tighten up the fretboard for you as well."

Snowing Again

...although this time, it wasn't so bad. It's not as cold as it was, so the snow was very loose. It isn't freezing, so it is very wet and slushy.

My grandparents needed their walk shoveled, so I stepped in. Their snowshovel is old, and seemingly made out of aluminum foil, bending when subjected to any amount of pressure... such as that of wet tissue. I discarded it and used a dirt shovel, with much more success.

While this sounds like it would have been a real pain in the ass, the softness of the snow didn't make it that back-breaking, and I put on my headphones and had a nice listen to Henry Mancini's LifeForce. I had a jolly time.

Stranger In A Strange Land

Robert A. Heinlein's classic novel is an interesting work in that it presents a very alien culture, and and interesting mirror for our own.

I don't agree with all of Heinlein's conclusions, but the journey was a fascinating one. The philosphies and perspectives shared are worth taking the time to savor. I read very fast, but I deliberately slowed down my pace with this book in order to grok the ideas being put forth.

I found the character of Jubal to be very interesting. As Suit pointed out in my discussion of the book with him, he is the only person to maintain his humanity throughout the book. Most of the other human characters are Martian-ized, but then Mike can not turn to them when the time comes for him to make crucial decisions.

There are moments when Heinlein's weirdness comes out; his takes on homosexuality and rape are not only outdated but offensive. Luckily, these are only fleeting moments in the book and could be construed as the characters' points of view. It would still have been nice had Heinlein turned that incisive gaze that yielded Martian culture and the criticism of the more bizarre areas of the human psyche into his own opinions.

The Da Vinci Code

This was a really good read. The book should really be read along with a lithograph of Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, as they play an essential part in the story.

The drama is a little thin, but the star of the book is the mystery at its core, one that is illuminating historically as well as a fascinating puzzle. It is nice to see a story in which the main characters have to use their intelligence and knowledge to advance the plot.


I had posted, but then deleted, a wry comment about the Pope having screened the contraversial Mel Gibson film The Passion of Christ. While I certainly make no secret about the contempt I have for religion, what I said came across as being in bad taste, even to myself. So everybody can consider themselves lucky they weren't subjected to it.

Mix Archives

After the mess trying to restore Songs of the Heavens, I have resolved to start backing up the mixes I am particularly proud of. I have dedicated a CD spindle for that purpose. I have also resolved to put the ones originally made on traditional CD-Rs to the sturdier (and sexier) Memorex Black CD-Rs, which have a more scratch-resistant read surface. Interestingly, the newer packages have a different spindle and shinier discs.

The official CD-R of the Swashbuckler

Silly But Fun

This is a great game. Everybody should try it at least once. It is very gratifying.

More Mix CDs

I started the Thomas Newman 3 disc set, and completed the "Ghosts" volume, with preliminary planning work done on the "Bittersweet" edition. I am very happy with how "Ghosts" came out. The crossfades are very effective, and the uniformity of style gives a very flowing feel to the album.

A Thomas Newman Collection

Yes (1:58) Meet Joe Black
Doomed Relationships (1:20) Threesome
Park Ave. (3:06) Scent of a Woman
Wake (1:48) Road to Perdition
Zihuatanejo (4:39) The Shawshank Redemption
By Any Other Name (4:40) American Beauty
Wallpaper (1:21) Fried Green Tomatoes
Haiku (1:36) Finding Nemo
Just the Feller (2:39) Road to Perdition
Punishment (1:52) The Green Mile
Sacred Vows & Concupiscense (2:17) Threesome
Angela Undress (1:39) American Beauty
Badlands (0:38) The Horse Whisperer
Coffey on the Mile (5:06) The Green Mile
Reading Room (1:15) Road to Perdition
Brooks Was Here (4:59) The Shawshank Redemption
Long Gray Line (1:02) Scent of a Woman
Life Be A Bowlful (1:19) The War
There Was Snow & Hooking On (4:34) The Horse Whisperer
An Offense to the Heart (1:06) The Green Mile
Mental Boy (1:37) American Beauty
Foolishment (1:46) The Green Mile
Voice of God (0:56) The Horse Whisperer
A Frequent Thing (0:48) Meet Joe Black
Awkward Talk (1:47) The Horse Whisperer
Compass and Guns (3:51) The Shawshank Redemption
A Tour of Pleasures (0:46) Scent of a Woman
Meet Joe Black (1:43) Meet Joe Black
Walk Home (1:17) American Beauty
Hooves (1:10) The Horse Whisperer
Night Journey (2:08) The Green Mile
Shawshank Redemption (4:19) The Shawshank Redemption
Ghosts (3:32) Road to Perdition
American Beauty (3:06) American Beauty

Music Composed and Conducted by Thomas Newman
Orchestrated by Thomas Pasatieri
Produced by Thomas Newman, Bill Bernstein and John Vigran

A Fish Called Wanda Reflections

Last night I had the opportunity to watch A Fish Called Wanda for the first time in years. The film was quite funny, but I found it less uproarious than I remembered it.

Kevin Kline's Oscar-winning performance as Otto is the centerpiece of this film, and the assassination attempts by Ken (Michael Palin) being a constant source of amusement.

No, the problem with the film this time around is that my own personal experience of late has put the actions of Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Archie (John Cleese) into a new, and not really positive light. The text of the film has not changed, of course, only my perspective, but it seriously marred my enjoyment of the film last night.

Not behaving well at all...

That said, it is still quite a funny film, and a great illustration of how a meaty subtext (in this case, culture clash) can be a great background upon which to project humor.
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