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This weatherman certainly doesn't like his little friends! (work safe). I was actually attempting to sign up with YouTube to try linking to it, but their add blog screen just freezes and refuses to update. So it's just a link for now.

I felt a bit guilty for having ordered Inchon when it subsequently sold out within a matter of hours (!) as I bought it on sort of a whim; I'd heard of the score often but never got around to picking it up. I had no idea that it would disappear so quickly. However, now that I have the disc I have to admit that I am rather glad that I did grab this one, even though I am somewhat embarrassed that there are people out there who are now being bilked by various retailers and eBay-ers. I really liked the inclusion of the original LP edition of the score; it has a very different feel from the complete score. Apparently this the original Intrada edition was yet another version of it, resequenced more for listening than this new disc, but I like the expanded score.

While I admit that it is perhaps one of Goldsmith's lesser scores of that year, it was still 1981, and that crop included Raggedy Man, Outland, Masada (parts one and two), The Final Conflict, Night Crossing and The Salamander. This is when he was still at the top of his game (the next year would be a banner year for him with Poltergeist, The Secret of N.I.M.H., The Challenge and First Blood as well) and Inchon has some action setpieces that are as good as any in his body of work. So my guilt is tempered by my discovery of a new Goldsmith score. It may not be one of his masterpieces, but decent Goldsmith is still better than most peoples' best.
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