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The Country In Fear

Tim and I took Brad and Annie to see Bowling for Columbine yesterday night. Tim and myself had seen the film the weekend it came out, and it was amazing how much more relevant it is today, in its depiction of a country whose citizenship is driven to the brink of hysteria by fear, than when I first saw it... and it was damn relevant then, as well.

It was obvious that there were many in the audience of the theater that had seen the film already, and there were moments that engendered laughs both times, but tinged with a more pointed cynical melancholia this time around. A clip of George W. Bush talking about an unidentified national threat was greeted with a chorus of groans; Moore had introduced the clip by mentioning that it was no longer necessary for the government to give reasons for doing what it does. After dealing with the fluctuating "terror alert" bullshit that Bush and his cabal have been throwing at the public, Bush's aimless rambling about how "they do this from time to time" comes through as a much more chilling moment than it did before.

If we do live in a culture of fear, then it should not be of these nameless, "soulless," brown people on the other side of the world. It should be of the so-easily named, rich white people who use the public's fear of the "other" to try to avoid actually admitting any problem with the state of the union at present.

If you have not seen Bowling for Columbine, do so. If you had seen it before, go again.
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