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After all the speculation and pooh-poohing, it turned out to be Saturn 3 after all. Looks like they really put a lot of effort into it, too.

At least I don't have to worry about Inchon guilt on this one. Here's one there was no question I'd be interested in. I love it when Elmer Bernstein really cuts loose in a score. This will be in a similar vein as Spacehunter and Heavy Metal (in fact, the Taarna theme from Heavy Metal was originally penned for this score).

I saw this movie once, when I was, like, seven or something on television. I remember thinking it was pretty lame at the time.

It looks like the whole Inchon debacle is going to be another one of those indelible black moments in film music collecting history, similar to the infamous $2500 sale of Cherry 2000 back in the day. And while I could care less about what happens to Buysoundtrax, I think it's annoying that a straight shooter like Doug Fake should be in the middle of it. He made what seemed to be a reasonable business decision (the previous edition had been only 1500 copies and stayed in their active cataloge for seven years) and inadvertently created a vicious feeding frenzy. After seeing what Buysoundtrax did (I'm sorry, there's no way that isn't taking advantage of the collectors, damn it, especially right after all the other copies disappeared), I wish that he had gone with the repressing, just to make them look like the dicks they are. Ah, well.
Tags: basil poledouris, elmer bernstein, film music, jerry goldsmith
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