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Stupid, stupid, STUPID...

I am a fish.

You see, some of my friends and I, after the Led Zeppelin mix CD contest, decided on a Metallica mix. Not knowing anything about Metallica, I was to be the judge. The deadline for CDs was yesterday.

I was very specific to all persons that, since all discs had to be indistinguishable from one another to insure anonymity, all participants had to make sure that their CDs did not contain CD-Text.

For those that are out of the loop on such things, CD-Text is an addition to the red book standard on CDs that is completely backward compatible, but adds track names and artists to the Table of Contents area at the beginning of the disc. This is a feature mostly found on Sony products, although other companies have some equipment that reads it as well.

I am a big fan of CD-Text. All my CDs are burned with it, and all of my equipment reads it. CD-Text is a feature I look for when shopping for new equipment.

Because of the fact that not everybody involved in the contest had the capacity to burn discs with this feature, I was adamant that all people submitting discs made sure that they would make sure that the function on their CD burning programs would be off.

When I got the five discs last night, I popped one in and, sure enough, it had text.

I checked the other four discs. None of them had text.

The thing was, the text was only the title of the track and it was in lower case... exactly the same as the copy of Dan's mix that he made for me. I felt that I had to disqualify that disc, and I called up Dan to tell him.

Needless to say, he wasn't happy.

Shit went back and forth, and several different phone calls were made to different people involved. I kept trying to get ahold of D.J. Mad Mike, who was in transit at the time. While on the phone with Dan at one point after we had both calmed down, he asked if it was possible for me to re-burn each disc. I said it was... and then I had a brainstorm.

I would rip each CD to mp3 format, which would make it more portable, and use a random key generator I have to make nonsensical folder titles. This way, I would get to hear each mix as it was originally intended, but I would disable the titling and id3 tagging function. Each disc would be anonymous again, and I can make an impartial decision based upon the mp3 CD, and then correlate that CD for the result.

I finally got ahold of D.J. Mad Mike. I told him about the CD-Text and he said, "well, that might have been me."


I told him that I already had a solution that was viable, whether it was his disc or Dan's. Since Raz, Lenny and (eventually) Ryan "Douchebag" Donovan agreed that this was a fair way to deal with the issue, I felt that it was best to keep the plan as it was. So did he.

So I called up Dan.

"Dude, call me an asshole."


"Just do it."

"Okay, you're an asshole."

"Call me the biggest dick in the world."

"Okay, you're the biggest dick in the world. Why?"

I then explained to him that Mad Mike admitted that he may have burned that disc, and that I jumped to the conclusion that it was him, and that I was extremely sorry, and that he had the right to slap me upside my head next time he sees me.

What a schmuck am I.

I feel that I've handled this horribly, but in the end it looks like it will all work out. Still...

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