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Composificated and Conductificated

I just listened to an expanded edition of Basil Poledouris' Les Misérables. I liked the music from when I saw the film, but I found the soundtrack album (in which the cues are lumped together into four large and unwieldy - and mislabeled - suites) to be pretty annoying. Thus the longer version, which isn't terribly expanded, was superior simply because it ungrouped a lot of this material.

"I smiled once in 1815. Do not ask me to do it again."

It's much more delicate than what you normally expect from Poledouris, and it makes me really wish that he did more material like this before he retired. I would have loved to have heard him do something like What Dreams May Come, not so much because I have anything against Michael Kamen's contribution to that film (quite the opposite, I like it very much), but because I feel that Poledouris may well have been very well attuned to the requirements of the film.
Tags: basil poledouris, film music, michael kamen
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