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Rushing Home-a

While I am not particularly fond of a lot of today's pop music scene, with a few exceptions, how is it that the ditties most associated with the New York Mets always manage to go beyond what I can be indifferent to and into the realm of offensively bad? I know that there aren't too many Mets fans out there that don't come from Queens,* but there ought to be at least one or two that could produce something better than that "Who Let the Dogs Out" drek or, worse, that new wave stupidity I heard just the other day (I don't know what it's called, but I'm sure it has a very hopeful title). I mean, I don't really often care for sports, but I like baseball well enough and when the Mets start doing well, I do follow their progress. It would be nice if they could get a jingle that isn't ear-splitting, damn it.

* Reportedly, there are some in Brooklyn who were still chafing at the move of the Dodgers to Los Angeles, but I've never met a Brooklynite who supported the Mets. I think that generation has been consumed by the subway and the new generation consists, unfortunately, of Yankee fans. I don't mind the Yankees so much, but I can't stand most of their fans.

I haven't even taken the computer out of the boxes yet. I will do so on Sunday, when Raz comes over with all the software I need to put on it. I hope the new drive can handle overburning, or I'll have to preserve the Pioneer from the old computer, which I think my grandfather is interested in putting in his new computer.

I'm heading out to my parents' house now in order to help her set up for her coadunatio ingens tomorrow.



You and I have a tendency towards corpulence. Corpulence makes a man reasonable, pleasant and phlegmatic. Have you noticed the nastiest of tyrants are invariably thin?

Heh. This one on a whim...
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