Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

Tags List

Most of my tags are pretty easy to figure out. Obviously, the ones that mention specific people are tagged if I discuss their work. However, I offer this guide to the basics. Please keep in mind that I am constantly working on making my journal easier for myself to navigate, so while this list will continue to evolve, I should also mention that there may be posts I may have missed. Anyway...

artoo - Artoo is my iAudio X5 60gb. I commute to work and do a lot of walking around while at work, and it is my favorite minstrel.

audio - Any post that mentions sound for its own sake.

cartoons - Blanket tag for posts with drawn visual content, myself or anybody else's.

ecology - Posts relating to the Ecology project, at current state a screenplay written by suitboyskin and myself. Many of these posts are filtered.

family - Pretty self-explanatory, I think.

filmmusic - Any post relating to film music in general is given this tag. This is, of course, most of the journal (as of this lists' initial creation, it sports over three hundred uses).

lists - These are fun. I need to make them more often.

memes - I do a lot of these. Be forewarned, this is only second to filmmusic as the most common tag on this journal.

mix workshop - These are posts in which I discuss the work on my mix projects but aren't the actual liner notes. They are also posts where I discuss the process more than the music.

movie moments - I often put up excerpts as tribute to films I enjoy. Note to copyright holders: this is purely a personal journal and is not intended for any profit of the user, but if you want to raise a stink, please keep in mind that most of the time the reaction to these posts is that people want to see the product, so, it's, like... FREE ADVERTISING... man. No need to thank me.

my art - This tag refers to original artwork by myself.

my mixes - These are all of the mix entries I have made. Not all of the discs are current. In fact, there are several that I have no idea what happened to (It's Horrible, I Love It, What Is It?, for example) and others that I'm still working on. If you want to get a significantly more organized, I would direct you to my mix list as located on the sidebar.

non sequiter - Hey, listen, sometimes I just need to post nothing in particular.

reviews - Any in-depth discussion of a particular film or album, usually first impressions (incomplete tag).

risk - Posts about the World Domination Game.

stories - I don't know what many of these are, really. Just that they're there.

travels - Posts about journeys I am making or have made (incomplete tag).

work - Entries regarding details of my job. These may or may not be technical in nature.

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