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March Out

I got home today and was idly toying with the new computer when I realized that with it I could make clean rips of the title sequences from Superman IV; I then took those files and edited the "Superman IV March," which basically combines elements of both. The main title featured abbreviated versions of the Bridge Theme and "Can You Read My Mind," (corresponding to the alternate edition of the main title Williams composed for Superman: The Movie) while the end title had complete versions of both, but there was a horrible music edit occuring between the two (leading me to believe that the original recording of the end title most likely had the reprise of the Fanfare Theme between the Bridge Theme and "Can You Read My Mind" as it appears in all other versions of the Superman march), which I smoothed out as best I could. The result is a single track, running 3:42, which is essentially built out of material Williams composed for Superman save for the finale, which arranger Alexander Courage takes off in a new direction.

I did my best with the tracks, but the DVD really doesn't sound all that good. The track has decent sound, a bit overbright, but that seems to be a problem with the original recording. I have no idea whether or not the soundtrack will be remastered in the box set coming out in November (which will include the Donner cut of Superman II), as while the 5.1 remasters on the original '78 cut of the first film and both cuts of Superman II are being advertised while nothing is being said about the sound on Superman III and IV (maybe they realize nobody will ever watch these two), but if it is a significant improvement, I'll attempt to recreate this edit with the better materials.

0:00 - 0:27 █ Main Title (Warner Shield and Fanfare lead-up)
0:27 - 0:43 █ End Title (Fanfare reprise)
0:43 - 1:32 █ Main Title (Ostinato build-up and Primary "Superman" Theme)
1:32 - 2:00 █ End Title (Bridge Theme)
2:00 - 2:44 █ Main Title (Bridge Theme finale and Beginning of "Can You Read My Mind")
2:44 - 3:44 █ End Title (Conclusion of "Can You Read My Mind," Primary "Superman" Theme Reprise and Conclusion)

"Okay, Jeremy, remember not to tell anybody about
the afternoon we spent with Michael Jackson, okay?"

You know something... I have to admit that I think the title sequence from Superman to be one of the most entertaining ways of presenting credits I've seen outside of Saul Bass and Maurice Binder's work. The come-down in production value that one finds in Superman II is disappointing, but at least it doesn't come across as being blatantly cheap, the way the candy-colored perversion that the titles of Superman IV are.

Now, there's no way around the fact that this movie sucks big floppy donkey dick, but did they have to be so damn obvious about it? I mean, a few minutes into the film, when a guy is talking to Clark about selling the Kent farm. I swear, it looked like a Panavision student film. I did notice Courage's adaptation of "The Death of Jonathan Kent" in there, but the acting was so wooden, the direction so stodgy, I just didn't want to see any more.

So after I work on this, I sign online to check things out and what do I realize? Tomorrow is the last day to see Superman: The Movie at the Ziegfeld! It's playing at 8:15. I'm going to be there.
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