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"Kiss my artichoke!"

happy birthday

You know, for a day that was taken off because of a wave of laziness at the beginning, I got a phenomenally large amount of work done. I took the old computer apart, cleaned out my desk and broke it down, went through all of my financial records and even slew a drifter went grocery shopping. By a strange coincidence, with all of this stuff I was doing, I didn't actually end up getting something to eat until sundown.

May I also mention that if you're ever wondering where your paycheck is going, it is recommended that you take apart a large piece of furniture, recover all of the change that has slipped into it over the years and visit a CoinStar machine.

Gromit looks for a nice spot of Hossenpfeffer

I just watched Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, which I had just gotten around to on my Netflix queue. The movie is quite nice and breezy, pretty much a longer version of the Wallace and Gromit shorts. There are a few moments that are nothing less than hysterical. I don't know whether it will appeal to anybody who didn't care for the shorts (which I very much enjoyed) as this is very, very much in the same vein.

The humor actually gets pretty evil from time to time, and I just love how expressive that dog is. And if you think the floating bunnies are cute, you should watch the end credits.

Animal Testing
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