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"Do you want to see a long arm, Otis? Do you want to see a really long arm!?!"

The good news is that not only did I finish my Superman mix, but it came out better than I ever would have expected (despite the fact that I had to make some serious changes in the concept before the end). The bad news is that the burners in the new computer suck. They are always introducing playback problems that I've never had before. The Sony CRx310S CD-RW/DVD seems to be the weaker of the two - the TSST TS-H553A DVD+-RW, while not perfect, seems to be a damn sight better - with the Pioneer from the old computer.

EDIT: After some testing, the TSST seems to work just fine when burning from an image. The Sony, however, is more finicky. It doesn't seem to like overburning at all... which is a serious problem as many of my mixes run a good deal longer than 80 minutes. I've never had a problem with overburning to about 81½ minutes before, neither with the Plextor nor the Pioneer drives. I still have those, and since the TSST works in the circumstances under which I would be using it most often (and it is a dual layer DVD burner as well), I have plenty of options to play around with on this computer. Too bad the new drives are black and the old ones were beige. They'll be so mismatched...

I've already Man of Steel: Screen Adventures of the Last Son of Krypton to the Film Series section of my mix list; the entry for the disc will be posted shortly.
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