Joshua Gizelt (swashbuckler332) wrote,
Joshua Gizelt

All right, come on!

I've often stated that my problem isn't with the Yankees isn't so much with the team itself as with its fans. Well, that sentiment hasn't dimmed. In fact, I have found many Yankee fans roouting for St. Louis, not so much because they give a damn about the Cardinals, but just so that the Mets don't win.

It would be one thing if they were into other teams before - really any other teams at all - but the fact of the matter is that Yankee fans have that attitude that all other teams are beneath their notice unless they're playing the Yankees, which translates to only one National League team a year.

Now, I'm not pissed at all Yankee fans... just the 98.9483018% who behave in this manner.
Tags: new york
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