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Superior Ving Rhames

Tim and Dave came over to help me perform most of the changes that I started discussing several months ago. The results are immediately apparent. There is a lot more space in the room right now. Furthermore, the vast collections of music and movies will be much more navigable.

Interestingly, the television was taken out of the entertainment center (part of which was taken apart) and put in a new location. The new placement of the television makes it look even bigger, now that it is no longer relatively speaking 'in the corner.' Dave also said something about how if you trim everything back it makes your junk look bigger, but I really didn't want to think much about the implications there.

I have a ton of work still left to do in the room, and the other room of my apartment is currently unusable, being filled with all the stuff I have to put away. I also have to get new cables for the sound system, as the new rack I bought (a story unto itself) separates everything much more than the entertainment center did.

However, it is nice to see that everything I had planned worked out as well as it did.
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