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The lighter side

My coping mechanism for dealing with everything else that is going on has been to work on my apartment, to finish what was started Saturday with jailnurse and Dave. There is still quite a bit that needs doing, but the new layout of the room is fantastic. Moreover, this is the first time in almost two years that my entire movie and music collection is completely alphabetized. When you consider how much that accounts for - three walls worth - the true scope of this process is more clear.

What is left to do is:
  1. I need a 14" x 14" x 72" baker's rack with only two shelves. I may just go get this next week at the Container Store. The front right speaker will be on the top, to match the placement of the front left.
  2. Put casters on the bottom of the Comfy Chair™ to make it mobile. I think there is a set I can use.
  3. I need to get a new bed, put it on risers and get 18" ottomans; this will create a retractable couch surface. I already have the pillows for one's back. I've already found (though not purchased) the ottomans, and must go bed shopping soon.
  4. I need a computer desk, which I am considering building myself. The reason for this is that I can make a custom L-shaped desk with a box on the side in which the tower will sit and atop which I can place the mouse.* It will not take up much space, but will allow me to use the computer while observing the television screen. I haven't decided what to do with the computer speakers, however. I've been considering mounting them on a bar that can fold down into place for the user, but I can't imagine such a thing looking particularly nice.
  5. I will get a bookshelf to mount on the wall abobe my bed. This will be for books and for the two center rear (back) speakers.

Most of these things will have to wait until after the Boston trip, but I am quite pleased at the results. At the moment, I will be concentrating on getting my costume finished before Boston.

The other room will also be undergoing some very minor changes. I attempted to get slipcovers for the chair and sofa, only to find that not to be a very viable solution. I may just follow melancthe's suggestion and put blankets over them. I also plan to get rid of this kitchen table I never use and replace it with a bookshelf which I will use.

* In the very early days of the mouse control, my grandfather figured that since I was left handed, the mouse would be most easy for me to use on the left side of the computer. He built the workstation thus, and so for much of my formative years I used the mouse with my left hand. Of course, his was the only computer in the known universe to have the mouse on the left side, so I am perfectly at ease operating the mouse with my right hand, I am also quite proficient in using my left, which I admit that I have a mild preference for.
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