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My initial fears that this would be a horrible disaster were unfounded. One of the contestant's discs was really enjoyable, and another was pretty good, too. So I can rest easy knowing that, even if I don't like the last one (and I plan on revisiting the first two to see if I've warmed to them), I will at least be naming a winning disc that I've actually liked.

I was very worried that I would not be able to get my Letter of Credit from Verizon in time to get the bill paid for Queens College. My deadline was January 28, and Verizon can take a while. I called the school and found that if I paid the student activities fee up front, I could hold off the due date until Verizon issues me my LOC.

So, I got that goin' for me.

"Gunga galunga...gunga -- gunga galunga.
At the Golden Globes, you will achieve total enlightenment."

Mick Jagger Move Over

My stepfather's psychedelic rock band is available from Aquarius Records.
This is an awesome slab of seventies fuzz guitar rock and roll. Lots of crunchy riffs, but also wailing lead guitar, and sort of jazzy Santana-ish breakdowns. Think Blue Cheer, Toad, Bang or Buffalo. If those names mean anything to you you're gonna need this. Greatest Hits starts out with the truly monstrous track, "It Swallowed The Sun", which begins like a Black Sabbath track, huge peals of thunder, ominous minor key fingerpicked guitars between crashing distorted chords. The rest of the record is not nearly so heavy, with lots of acoustic-y Led Zeppelin 3 moments amidst all the fuzzy wailing. But pretty fucking great. Plus, one of the best cover photos ever, with the band wearing togas, mic stands in trash cans, playing amidst clouds of smoke. So awesome!

More info at Borderline Books.

This is funny, though, from Rock ‘n Roll Reviews by Megan...

The Flow CD (Synton)

My biggest complaint about this 1972 psych rock release is the lack of any band info other than the basic name/instrument listings. I was also confused trying to figure out what song was what because the tracks appear to be numbered incorrectly, although I haven’t figured out quite how. Title frustrations aside, however, this is an interesting release that runs the gamut from pretty acoustic ballad to over-the-top psych jam, with a little jazz, blues, wall of guitar noise, synth, and dementia thrown in for good measure. Drummer Steve Starer (cool name right there) is listed as also playing "waterpipe." Uh-huh – I think it’s safe to say they were all proficient on that "instrument."

For the record, Steven Starer is his real name; I have seen his birth certificate. Furthermore, he is still quite proficient in the use of the waterpipe.

There is an interesting photograph of him on the back of the record sleeve with that instrument. Nothing beats the driver's license of his from the '70's, though. He looks like Cousin It.

Another Flow review.

Brain Fart
...But I'm Posting It For All To See Anyway

I found this in an old notebook, written right around when The Order of the Pheonix came out. I must have been drunk or something.

Wizard No, From Hogwarts With Love, Goldpotter, Dracoball, Harry Potter Only Lives Twice, On Dumbeldore's Secret Service, Hogwarts Is Forever, Live and Let Harry Die, The Malfoy With The Golden Wand, The Spy Who Loved Harry, Moonpotter, For Neville's Eyes Only, Octogranger, The Living Dementors, License To Kill Seamus Finnegan, Weasleyeye, Harry Potter Never Dies, Hermione Is Not Enough, Harry Potter Dies Another Day...

The Golden Frickin' Globes

I hate awards shows and tend to avoid them as a general rule. I have to say, though, the fact that I read in the paper today that The Return of the King swept them is really cool. In addition to the fact that I felt that it deserved it, there is also the fact that this win, and a possible Oscar sweep, would legitimize this genre, which would be very nice.

I don't suppose that Hollywood will take the correct cues from these films, though... that all the brilliant CGI in the world doesn't add up to jack shit without a good story and characters you care about. That's what made this film work. While the Fields of the Pelennor was a great battle sequence, the emotional climax of the film is Sam picking Frodo up. Despite the scope of the story, Peter Jackson kept its priorities on the emotional truths that have kept readers enraptured in Tolkien's book for decades.

The Lord of the Rings was the most ambitious film project in motion picture history (Cleopatra pales in comparison), and its acquittal in terms of critical audience reaction is heartening.

Top Honors

Whether or not this spells an Oscar sweep, I don't know. I won't know until I read the newspaper the day after the awards broadcast. It does stand to reason that the announcements made tomorrow will have a lot of The Return of the King nominations. Whether it will win anything but technical awards is a different story.


Howard Shore

Best Original Score

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Best Original Song
"Into the West"
(with Fran Walsh and Annie Lennox)
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