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LJ Restitution!!!

Last night was not very fun. It was one of those moments when all of the negativity just came to a head and seemed overwhelming. These don't happen to me very often (I have certain as yet unresolved ambitions, but my life at the moment isn't that difficult for the most part), so I let it run it's course.

Well, I got it out of my system and had a much more optimistic day today. My grandfather might be released from the hospital as early as Monday, so at least he'll be in a better postion to deal with everything else. And he wants to vote. I vote at the same school that he does and have Election Day off (a benefit of a union job), so if it's possible, I'll be on hand to help him do this.

And, of course, a major release that I've been eagerly awaiting has been leaked to the usenet. I have been screening the relevant movies in preparation for its arrival, and while it showed up a little early with regards to that plan, it turned out to be a very nice surprise. I greedily availed myself of it (if you're questioning the morality of this, I have already ordered it and will recieve the physical package on Tuesday). And it is, as expected, somewhat revelatory. It is... precious to me.

I've been contemplating a few very minor adjustment on my Uncanny X-Men mix. But I won't allow myself to get involved in another project until I've taken care of the desk situation in this room first.
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