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Hardanger Fiddle

Oof! My initial reaction to listening to The Two Towers Complete Recordings was that the original soundtrack album was a more effective distillation of the score than the album for Fellowship, especially after understanding how the music was originally intended to be used. I also have to admit that my original assessment of The Two Towers was that it was less consistently engaging than Fellowship. However, I found myself listening to it again and again, finding more and more in it. This is a good thing, as I am composing a fairly extensive review of the Complete Recordings.

My favorite discovery thus far has been finally understanding the "White Rider" music; while I was of course aware that the "hope/nature's reclamation" theme was tracked into the "Forth Eorlingas" scene, I assumed that the choral portion that preceded Théoden's charge was from Gandalf the White's first appearance in the film. I was therefore surprised to hear the more aggressive version of that piece that appears just before "Théoden Rides Out" on the Complete Recordings. The track "The White Rider" on the original soundtrack album had a lot of music that wasn't used in the film; it is now apparent that this was originally to score the acid flashback that turns Gandalf's hair white.

"That's quite a talent you have there."

This new release has altered somewhat my concept of my future Lord of the Rings mix, which I've been planning for years now but I need the CR of Return of the King and the music that will be contained with Doug Adams' book to complete. I do, however, have some ideas that I'm looking forward to editing...
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