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I've been asked to say a few words about my grandfather at the service tomorrow.
It is impossible to sum up any man's life in only a few paragraphs, and this particular man's life had a wide scope, one that is very specifically American. He grew up during the Depression, went island hopping in the Pacific Theater in World War II, climbed the Empire State Building like King Kong (I'm serious), ran a radio station, earned more degrees than a midsummer day and raised a family. And it was that last facet of his life that was the most important to him. His first priority at any moment was the well-being of those whom he loved, and his generosity never flagged.

He was creative, constantly tinkering and inventing. He was pious, feeling a very strong sense of duty to his faith and heritage. He was a student and a teacher, his studious pursuits inspiring those around him. He was a perfectionist, often going to great lengths to get things 'just right.' I must admit that the puns fell flat more often than not, however.

So, when it comes to my grandfather, it is not a matter of remembering the good he has done, or the helping hand that he was so free to offer. It is more important that we remember the person behind the deeds. Stanley Rubin was a man who preferred to keep things as straightforward as possible. This was, perhaps, his most endearing trait; he was not a man given to duplicity or malice. A smile was never far from his lips, a twinkle seldom absent from his eye. I know that we are all proud to have known such a rare human being.
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