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Full Of Myself

Somebody resurrected an old thread over at the message board. It was called "Superman on DVD." It was originally a thread that discussed the DVD when it first was released.

As I was reading the thread, I came across a very insightful post that commented that, in addition to all of Kal-El's famous Jesus allusions in the first film, there were plenty of Lucifer allusions relating to General Zod over the course of the two films that feature him, who is cast from Paradise.

Somewhere along the line I came across the comment that when, in Superman II, Lois and Kal-El decide to sleep together, that a friend had mentioned to this author that it was a very mature decision, one made after they had made their important life decisions.

Holy sheep-shit!

Tim and I discussed this years ago when I had bought the remastered laserdisc of Superman II. I checked the writer of the post, and it was myself. I didn't even recognize my own writing... instead I was impressed with the sophistication of the points discussed.

I am one conceited bastard! I need to indulge in some humility therapy.
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