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Busy weekend

Yesterday I went up to Rockland to see jailnurse's new baby. True to a sense of balance and equity, while Sally looks like Tim's mom, Kyra looks like Patsy's mom. She seemed to be rather calm when I held her, which was for a while. She certainly hears just fine; she reacted to the racket Tim was making moving around one of the benches in the hospital. She moves around a lot, too... it's funny, but no matter how many newborns you've held in your life, you're always amazed anew at each one when you see at how small they are.

I then went with jailnurse back to his place to see Sally, who was in much, much better spirits than she was when she was brought for the Shivah call. She still has that cold, but has given the worst of it away to jailnurse and his wife, and his parents, and Patsy's parents, and Patsy's siblings, and anybody who walked past the room... I was warned that I would have a cold before I left, and I think I'm coming down with it now.

Patsy just wants to go home. I can't blame her. Ironically, she's in the hospital that she will be at once she returns to work.

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