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Monday after a four day weekend; my coffee was just a little bit more bitter than usual. My first ride on the subway in quite a while. Surprisingly, not only did I have a smooth trip, I also got to work on time.

I was seriously lazy this weekend. I worked on Saturday, but it was an easy job, and I went up to see Tim, but otherwise I did very, very little other than digest. Which is fine, as I spent Thanksgiving weekend last year in the hospital (jailnurse apparently ran into my gall bladder recently, apparently there was a lot of remorse).

Tomorrow is the release of the big Superman box set. Unfortunately, some pretty reliable sources have stated that the Richard Donner cut of Superman II is something of a bust, as it is cobbled together from various sources, including, rather annoyingly, test footage, resulting in a dissatisfying presentation which is aced by the completed Richard Lester cut. I suppose we should be happy we're even getting what we are getting, but it is pretty disappointing after having heard reports that Donner had enough footage to put most of his version of the film together. Apparently that was an exaggeration. Either way, I'm curious to see the new version, and the copious supplements in the box set are quite appetizing. I just wish that the reality could have lived up to the legend.

Vance is an author melancthe turned me on to; I've thus far read his Lyonesse trilogy and Planet of Adventure quartet. I've just started Jack Vance's Alastor. Strangely enough, while Planet of Adventure was four books in one volume, Lyonesse was three books in two volumes. This made the second volume, with The Green Pearl and Madouc in it, quite unwieldy. It was slightly larger than standard paperback size, so, with its thickness, it resembled a slightly flat brick. I can't imagine why these books were combined... it made them easier to buy, though not to read.
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