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On the brighter side, on December 16, the Museum of Modern Art will be having a tribute to Franz Waxman! They're showing a lot of films I'd be interested in seeing on the big screen, including Bride of Frankenstein, Rebecca, Sunset Boulevard... and my favorite score of his, Taras Bulba!!!

I haven't yoinked anything from jenvargas for a while!


1. Who kissed you on new years?

2. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?
I don't make New Year's resolutions. I think they're silly.

3. Does it snow where you live?

4. Do you like hot chocolate?
Yes, though I have it very rarely.

5. Have you ever been to Times Square to watch the ball drop?
Certainly not. That's for tourists to get robbed at as they freeze their balls off, not native New Yorkers.


1. Who was your Valentine?
My right hand.

2. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class?
No, I was always a misanthrope.

3. Do you care if the groundhog sees its shadow or not?
I have nothing specifically against groundhogs, and I suppose that a tradition is a tradition, but I think it's pretty silly.


1. Are you Irish?
People sometimes think that, but no.

2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day?
No. I usually forget.

3. What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2006?
I got myself pastered, as I recall.

4. Are you happy when winter is pretty much over?
I like spring well enough.


1. Do you like the rain?
Not a big fan of being out in it, but I like how it sounds.

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?
Not this year. I have been remiss.

3. Do you celebrate 4/20?
Of course.


1. What's your favorite kind of flower?
The flower of wisdom?

2. Do you like the spring?
Yes; it's much milder than the summer.

3. Finish the phrase "April showers":
"...with a naughy loofah?"

4. What is the first color you think of when you think of Spring?


1. What day do you get out of school this year?
I graduated last year.


1. What did you do on the Fourth of July?
You know, I can't remember for the life of me, and I didn't write anything about whatever I did in the LJ.

2. Did you go on any vacations during this month?

3. Do you blast the A/C all day?
I ran it while I was home. There is no A/C at work. Sweaty.


1. Did you do anything special at the end of your summer?
Not really.

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '06?
"Rambling Rumbling."

3. Did you have a sunburn?

4. Do you go to the beach a lot?


1. Did you attend school/college in '06?
Nope. As I said, I had graduated the previous year.

2. Who is your favorite teacher?
Royal S. Brown. This is going back a ways, of course.

3. Do you like fall better than summer?
Yes. I love autumn, with the leaves changing colors. It's so beautiful.


1. What was your favorite Halloween costume?
I didn't really see any this year.

2. What's your favorite candy?
Dark chocolate.

3. What did you dress up as this year?
I had a Viking costume which I never ended up wearing. Maybe next year.


1. Whose house do you go to for Thanksgiving?
robodad64's uncle and aunt's place in New Jersey.

2. Do you like stuffing?

3. What are you thankful for?
A lot of things. My family, my friends...


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
I see my father's side of the family on Christmas.

2. If not, what do you celebrate?
My stepdad's/mother's side of the family celebrate Chanukah.

3. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?
Of course not.

4. Get anything special last year?
There were a few things that were nice here and there.

5. What do you want this year?
I don't know.

6. Do you like cold weather?
I dress in layers, so I'm rather used to cold weather.
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