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At lehah's recommendation, I listened to Lalo Schifrin's score for his son Ryan's film Abominable. I have not seen the film, but it certainly has a very sophisticated score. Schifrin is like Henry Mancini - he's generally associated with a specific thing, but when he is given a chance to really stretch his abilities, he rises to the challenge. I'm really digging the thick textures and orchestral surges.

Yoinked once again from hadara is a meme in which you look back over the year. Post the first sentence of the first post of each month. Think about how far you've come.

January - 2006: It's like it's the future already, only it's happening, like, now.

February - I got my new remastered DVD of Dune yesterday.

March - I went along with Dan went to check out an apartment last night.

April - Music On has just posted my review for Howard Shore's video game score Soul of the Ultimate Nation.

May - "Keptin, Keptin, there is thees woman with enormous breasts dressed in tin foil!" (actually, it was the introduction to a meme, but this was more fun)

June - Apparently whosamama's most dire diagnosis was completely off... what's wrong with her is an extremely minor, easily controllable issue (once again, I'll leave it to her to describe herself should she care to).

July - Hello; I'm here at my parents' house.

August - You know, there is a precedent for Daniel Radcliffe taking the role of Strang in Equus.

September - Kentucky Fried Movie came up in conversation yesterday, so naturally...

October - happy birthday libraspiccfllmt!

November - It's a really good idea, but Man of the Year doesn't quite come together correctly.

December - Could everybody just stop fucking dying for a few weeks already?
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