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Tonight I had my first class back at Queens College.

As I entered Keily Hall for the first time in about six years, I felt somewhat displaced, a feeling that grew when I walked into the lecture hall and saw my classmates. Was I ever that young?

The seats were smaller than I remembered them being.

On the other hand, I was more engaged in the hour and a half introduction to this Media class I just had than I have been the whole year over at Touro.

It is also nice to know that the professor can pick a student at random and ask them to read something... and they all can, competently.

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack....

Anyway, I have to say I was struck by something that I should have expected, and that is how much the internet has changed higher education. Our homework assignment is to go to several websites, Sean Hannity's (groan), Michael Moore's (I'm on his mailing list) and (I'm a member).

One of our books we have to read this semester is Dude, Where's My Country?.

I'm already ahead of the game.

This is one class I'll be able to let my liberal freak flag fly, too.

Okay, all I have to say about this is that this national furor about this is just showing the rest of the world how sexually retarded Americans are. GET OVER IT!!! It's a BOOB!!!

Parents, eventually your kids will either see boobs or grow their own. I guarantee you that none of them will be emotionally scarred by this. And if they are, they have more serious problems than Janet's tit, and they're probably your fault.


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