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Elliot Goldenthal is a composer whom I've followed since I first became aware of his work on Alien³. I liked that score when I first heard it, but in the time since, I have grown to appreciate it even more. Similarly, while I always liked his score for Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and gave the soundtrack album a glowing review on its release in Film Score Monthly, I have to say that over time I have changed my mind about that score as well.

I have a tendency to be very cautious about rating new material, and reserve five star ratings for scores that I feel have proven themselves. That is to say, a score like Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo, 48 years young, is a undebatably a five star score, while something more recent hasn't had a chance to settle in yet. This isn't a matter of listening to the score thousands of times... many scores that I consider to be particularly brilliant are too intense to be enjoyed casually. I count such works as Wojciech Kilar's Death and the Maiden and Howard Shore's The Fly to be outstanding pieces, but their gravitas often causes me to take long breaks between listenings. Final Fantasy, I should mention, is not one of these latter cases, and I listen to the score fairly often.

I gave the album a cautious four star rating. The score is now over five years old, and it is a piece that manages to maintain a grand scope while having a wrenchingly tender intimacy. It remains one of my favorite examples of a composer bringing his own identity to an established genre. It's album presentation is outstanding, much more satisfying than the 'expanded' edition culled from the DVD's isolated score/composer commentary track (interestingly, Goldenthal talks over the most significant cue that was omitted from the album; the album doesn't suffer from its absence, but it would have been nice to have).

The album deserves five-stars. It's put in the time and damn well earned it.

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Ryan "Douchebag" Donovan

Donovan's Brain

The touch screen on my laptop is starting to fail. This is annoying, as the touch screen was my favorite aspect of the damn thing... well, that and the air card, anyway. I don't really like the pad thingee on the bottom of the laptop (although I prefer that to the little nipple in the middle of the keyboard). I have found the touch screen to be the superior laptop interface. I don't want to bring it back to the office because then I probably won't get it back for a month.
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