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Broader Horizons

When I originally started my Movie Quotes of the Week (which eventually just became the Movie Moments because I was too lazy to keep it up weekly unable to have regular access to a computer for a long time), I tended towards memorable dialogue. This was not really a choice, the format of LiveJournal in general tends towards a more text-oriented approach. Dialogue can be transcribed, and the moment is recalled or discovered for the reader.

Cinema, however, is about more than just good dialogue. It is about the fusion of images with sound to create a moment that evokes a visceral, sometimes primal reaction in the viewer. Film has an immediacy that allows this to happen, and the hallmark of good cinema is often measured by how these moments often evoke a strong emotional reaction.

The ability to embed YouTube videos into entries has changed all this. For the first time ever, I can present a scene from a film that contains no dialogue, a sequence that is entirely created with images, sound and music. Freed of the constraints of relying upon a snappy comeback or deep insight, instead I can instead post a Movie Moment that is pure cinema...

Tags: cinema, movie moments, zaz
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