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Metallica Mix-off Results Today

Tonight I pick up Raz and head off to Dan's house, where my selection will be played.

At least that's behind me.

Tim and Dave have become addicted to this football video game that Tim got because he feels a responsibility to learn about football for the sake of his prospective children.

However, I saw one of the games he got that allowed the user to create their own players. The level of detail was laudable... sort of. You could adjust such minutae as shoe size and ass shape.

If there was anything that proved to me that my theory that football is a socially acceptable outlet for American latent homosexuality... not that there's anything wrong with that, really, I just find it amusing that the most homophobic guys can be so into a sport that cartoonishly emphasizes hypermasculinity, with those uniforms with big, fake shoulders and codpieces, and not be self-aware enough to understand that is what is going on.

Ah, well.
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