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My Cousin's Wife Is A Cylon

Poll #895462 Mammaries

Is using the term "boob" for "breast" really *that* offensive?

Yes. It's undignified.
No. A rose by any other name would feel as nice when fondled... er... you know what I mean.

Would the fact that Julie Andrews has referred to her breasts as "boobs" have an effect on your opinion on the matter?

Yes. She is Mary Poppins, and therefore her use of the term legitimizes it and makes it as wholesome as can be.
No. It's just a naughty word.
No. It's just a dirty word.

My cousin's wife Rachel is a twin. An identical twin. A real identical twin. She and her sister look exactly alike; they even wear their hair at the same length and style. They don't live far from one another either, so it is next to impossible to figure out which one you're talking to. I felt really bad about this until I mentioned it by accident to my grandmother and cousin, who assured me that I was not the only person with that confusion. My grandmother even mentioned that you can't tell from watching their kids either, as they live in proximity to one another and so their children seem to treat them both in the same manner.
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