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Back on the horse again

While I had indeed made my Silver Screen Star Trek and Man of Steel albums on the new computer, due to odd timing and equipment issues, I hadn't really gotten around to working on it since my grandfather died. A mix idea had been tossing about in my head, a piece that was inspired somewhat by the turmoil of the past few months. Today, I put all of the computer affairs in order and started working on a new album.

Most of the music here concentrates of being melodic and florid. The disc is along the same lines and my Songs of the Heavens and its follow-up, but I did not consider it part of that series. This album is also divided up into a "side one" and "side two," so as to break up the listening somewhat; each side opens and closes with a work by the same composer, Morricone in the case of side one and Barry in the case of side two. I like to give the mix a shape of its own. Otherwise, I'm not writing much in the way of notes for this disc as there wasn't much in the way of editing and I think that the track listing mostly speaks for itself.

8 1 : 2 4


  1. ENNIO MORRICONE: Birth of a City (Once Upon a Time in the West) (4:20)
    Orchestra Conducted by Ennio Morricone
    Canti Moderni di Alessandroni Conducted by Alessandro Alessandroni
    Edda Dell'Orso, vocals

  2. BARRINGTON PHELONG: Mirabelle's Story (Shopgirl) (2:47)
    London Metropolitan Orchestra Conducted by Barrington Phelong

  3. SHIRLEY WALKER: Nick and Alice in Love (Memoirs of an Invisible Man) (2:25)
    Orchestra Conducted by Shirley Walker

  4. BEAR McCREARY: Roslin and Adama (Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship) (1:57)
    Ensemble Conducted by Bear McCreary
    Paul Cartwright, violin

  5. SERGE FRANKLIN: Petition the Wind (Children of the Wolves) (1:14)
    FYSIO Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Mario Klemens
    Kuhn's Choir Conducted by Pavel Kuhn

  6. ELMER BERNSTEIN: Runty Dead (Birdman of Alcatraz) (1:44)
    Orchestra Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

  7. MICHAEL NYMAN: The Imperfect Enjoyment (The Libertine) (4:20)
    Michael Nyman Orchestra Conducted by Michael Nyman

  8. BASIL POLEDOURIS: Jack Surfs Alone (Big Wednesday) (2:36)
    Orchestra Conducted by Basil Poledouris

  9. ENNIO MORRICONE: Suite One (Bulworth) (17:40)
    Orchestra Conducted by Ennio Morricone
    Amii Stewart, Edda Dell'Orso, vocals


  10. JOHN BARRY: Vogel's Arrival (The Last Valley) (2:48)
    Orchestra and Voices of Accademia Monteverdiana Conducted by John Barry

  11. PATRICK DOYLE: Harry in Winter (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) (2:50)
    London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by James Shearman

  12. LEE HOLDRIDGE: Letting Buck Go (The Call of the Wild) (3:29)
    American Film Symphony Orchestra and Choir Conducted by Lee Holdridge

  13. ZBIGNIEW PREISNER: Angel Falls (At Play in the Fields of the Lord) (3:28)
    Polish Radio Grand Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Antoni Wit

  14. LAURENCE ROSENTHAL: Perseus and Andromeda (Clash of the Titans) (3:34)
    London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Laurence Rosenthal

  15. JAMES NEWTON HOWARD: Redemption (Flatliners) (4:17)
    Orchestra Conducted by Marty Paich
    Los Angeles Master Chorale Conducted by Paul Salumnovich
    Paulist Boys Choir Conducted by John Wattenbarger

  16. ELMER BERNSTEIN: Cecil (Deep End of the Ocean) (1:54)
    Orchestra Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

  17. JOHN SCOTT: Return to the Jungle (Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes) (3:02)
    Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by John Scott

  18. JEAN-CLAUDE PETIT: Cyrano's Declaration (Cyrano de Bergerac) (2:30)
    Orchestra Conducted by Jean-Claude Petit

  19. LAURENCE ROSENTHAL: The Benediction (The Return of a Man Called Horse) (1:35)
    Orchestra Conducted by Laurence Rosenthal

  20. RACHEL PORTMAN: Sirens (Sirens) (2:47)
    Orchestra Conducted by David Snell

  21. DEBBIE WISEMAN: The Selfish Giant (Wilde) (1:07)
    Orchestra Conducted by Debbie Wiseman

  22. MARK ISHAM: Rocket Boys (October Sky) (3:38)
    Orchestra Conducted by Ken Kluger

  23. JOHN BARRY: Finale (High Road to China) (5:05)
    Orchestra Conducted by John Barry

      Dedicated to the memories of
      Stanley Rubin - Basil Poledouris - Shirley Walker
Tags: basil poledouris, bear mccreary, elmer bernstein, ennio morricone, film music, john barry, john scott, laurence rosenthal, lee holdridge, michael nyman, my mixes, patrick doyle, shirley walker
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