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Plunge Thee Deep

A friend of mine is putting together a flash animation piece. He asked me to provide one of the voices, so I went over to his apartment today for a few hours to record the dialogue. Irony is complaining about how there's no water in the desert in a gravelly voice whilst sipping from a glass of water in order to keep mouth wet to maintain said gravelly voice.

Stumpy: It's a hell of marriage we got here.
Rita Sue: I wouldn't trade it.
Stumpy: Wouldn't be any takers.

I've been listening to the copious amount of music from season two of Carnivàle available on Jeff Beal's website. It's really cool that he put these up, as I noticed many of these cues when I was watching the show and it is really nice to have them preserved. There are also a few extra tracks from season one that didn't make the album, "Justin with Elanor," "Stumpy's Cards," "Justin Talks of the Children," "The Miners Arrive" and the end titles for the "The Day that Was the Day." There's also a nice interview there.

I thought that Beal's score for the program was really good. I very much liked how Ben's and Justin's respective themes were essentially built from the same material, but are so different in orchestration that they often sound completely different. The conclusion of the 'album' that appears on the above website has a few tracks from the last episode of the series that are fantastic in their development of the previously existing material.

Jonathan at Music On Film has posted my review of the expanded edition of Ennio Morricone's Once Upon a Time in the West.
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