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The Weak in Review

In my last entry, I mentioned that I was tired but couldn't sleep. Ironically enough, within fifteen minutes of making that post I was out like a light. Having the really comfortable bed is something I'm still getting used to... but it's a nice something to have to get used to.

Anyway, while the lack of liner notes for my Connections compilation would imply that it was just something I slapped together, while in fact I had been thinking about it for quite a while. I just didn't have much to say about it... there are some processes that are easier to describe than others. I could have done a track-by-track breakdown or I could have gone through the album, but the entry would have been rather redundant if I had. However, I've been listening to it for quite a few days now, and I am very happy with it. The album has that beauteous sheen I was hoping for but it also has a rather dramatic element to it as well.

happy birthday

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