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Doing Well.

I am rather pleased with my classes. Except for a minor, and rather easily dealt with problem with my car (it was stuck in park briefly), there hasn't been much in the way of issues for me right about now... it is a refreshing change.

In fact, I even came to the realization that a rather good friendship that had gone through a rough spot actually came out all right.

I wonder if I should be waiting for the other shoe to drop...

To give you some reason to have read this far, ponder:

J. Edgar Hoover

I had actually planned to have a substantial entry of movie moments that defined my concept of cinema. I spent a lot of time drafting it. I wrote it out longhand at work. When I tried to transcribe it here, the computer ate it. I will reconstruct it once again in the near future. It was a piece I was quite proud of, actually.

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