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Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

It's been said before by better than me: people came for the crime drama and came back for the family saga.

I have been re-watching The Godfathers because I damn well felt like it. They continue to fascinate and intrigue.

There is little that I can say here that hasn't been covered elsewhere, except for the fact that these movies always make me hungry for some good Italian food, like what my paternal grandmother used to make.

I also threw in The Godfather Part III because I was in a Godfather mood and the only other movie that springs to mind that has a similar enough flavor to the first two that it would satisfy such a yen would be Miller's Crossing. I have a few things to say about III.

The first is that the film has a myriad of problems (Sophia Coppola, incidentally, is not one of them; I just think she ended up being the scapegoat for why the film didn't strike the right chords). The most problematic, the one that damns the film from the start is that there is no point to it. Michael Corleone has already lost his soul. We know that.

On the supplements for the DVDs, Mario Puzo comments that he insisted that Fredo not be killed until after Mama Corleone's death; he said that he didn't believe that the audience would forgive him otherwise. Well, it is something that is truly unforgivable, whether he did it before or after their mother's death, and that is a major problem with Part III. Michael can not be forgiven, not even by himself. The third film is not only unneccessary, it upsets the symmetry of the first two.

All of the Vatican involvement stuff is pretty blah, but the biggest problem with this film is, of course, the absence of Tom Hagen. This is one lapse that Coppola should never have allowed; the film melts without Robert Duvall. Tom is a cornerstone of the first two films, and his importance can not be denied. By not having him in this film, any serious development of Michael's character is severely curtailed.

I also must say that, while Paramount has, on the whole, provided excellent DVD picture transfers, the Godfathers, even the third one, don't look like all that they should. While I understand that Gordon Willis, the Prince of Darkness' moody photography must not be an easy thing to bring to the home video format, I do think that, not only are these films worth the extra effort, but that the widescreen laserdiscs looked much better than these grainy DVDs.

For Rohan!

This was found by Waystone; I used it once before, but I felt that it was worth showcasing here. Yes, it is what you think it is.

The image has since been removed,
but it was of a Theoden bobble head.

Oh, and I saw The Return of the King again Monday night. Nyah-nyah!

More Shit

My friend Tim likes sweeping, adventurous heroic shit. I therefore made him a mix CD a while back that was made up of sweeping, adventurous heroic shit. I have just made the sequel. Although the first CD was a fairly easy thing to put together (several no-brainers were featured, such as John Williams' Superman, Craig Safan's The Last Starfighter and the like), this second one actually took a lot more effort to select and edit.

The results actually took me by surprise. While the first disc was a little too over the top for my tastes, this one is quite the opposite. I haven't gotten tired of listening to it. It puts me in the mood to watch movies, which is something I hope it does for Tim (I just hope he doesn't take a cue from what's one the album and go and rent Cherry 2000!).

Although some of the cues may seem short from the track listing, I worked hard to blend them to form a cohesive whole. There are very few breaks in the music, and the suites are seamlessly edited together.

I kind of broadened the scope of the disc by carefully balancing and pacing out the tracks. The first disc didn't have enough dynamic; this one has quite a bit without losing its flavor. The inclusion of some more playful music ("The Neverfeast" from Hook, the opening from Batman Forever) keeps the CD from sounding like it is taking itself too seriously.

Sweeping Adventurous Heroic Shit
The Revenge of the Shit


Miklós Rózsa: El Cid
The El Cid March 4:00
Orchestra Conducted by Miklós Rózsa

Brian Tyler: Children of Dune
House Atreides 1:31
Summon the Worms 2:07
The Jihad 1:59
City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Adam Klemens

Elliot Goldenthal: Batman Forever
Main Titles and Fanfare 1:49
Orchestra Conducted by Jonathan Sheffer

Stu Phillips: BattleStar Galactica
Main Title 1:29
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Stu Phillips

James Horner: Aliens
Resolution 0:53
London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by James Horner

Elmer Bernstein: Heavy Metal
Den and the Green Ball 1:00
Den's Rescue 0:47
Den and the Queen 0:58
Den's Heroics 1:10
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

John Williams: Hook
Prologue 1:30
The Neverfeast 2:55
Remembering Childhood 2:29
Orchestra Conducted by John Williams

Basil Poledouris: Flesh + Blood
Denoument and End Title 7:43
Members of the London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Basil Poledouris

Jerry Goldsmith: King Solomon's Mines
No Diamonds 3:00
Hungarian State Opera Orchestra Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Max Steiner: The Adventures of Don Juan
Procession 2:43
National Philharmonic Orchestra of London Conducted by Charles Gerhardt

Robert Folk: Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time
Key to the Heart 1:30
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Robert Folk

John Williams: Jaws
Man Against Beast 4:41
Orchestra Conducted by John Williams

Howard Shore: The Two Towers
The Uruk-Hai 1:28
The King of the Golden Hall 1:04
London Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Howard Shore

Trevor Jones: The Dark Crystal
The Landstrider Journey 0:37
London Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Marcus Dods

Jerry Goldsmith: The Mummy
Camel Race 1:44
The Sand Volcano 2:18
Orchestra Conducted by Jerry Goldsmith

Basil Poledouris: Cherry 2000
Burning Down Sky Ranch 3:23
Hungarian State Opera Orchestra Conducted by Basil Poledouris

Elmer Bernstein: The Ten Commandments
Overture 2:02
Orchestra Conducted by Elmer Bernstein

Patrick Doyle: Secondhand Lions
Main Title 1:28
Sheik Swordfight 0:29
The Assassins 0:46
Nice To Meet You 0:43
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra Conducted by James Shearmur

Alan Silvestri: The Mummy Returns
My First Bus Ride 7:32
The Sinfonia of London Orchestra Conducted by Alan Silvestri

Howard Shore: The Return of the King
The Steward of Gondor 1:09
Minas Tirith 2:39
The White Tree 1:54
London Philharmonic Orchestra Conducted by Howard Shore

John Ottman: X2
Overture 7:11
Orchestra and Choir Conducted by Damon Intrabartolo

This compilation is for private, home use only and is not licensed for public sale.
No heroes were harmed in the making of this album.



I have just gotten a few pages from my co-writer Suitboyskin for our film. Despite his hyperbole on his own LJ, and this strange habit he has of referring to me as "Swashbuckler232" (is that a Front 242 reference?), he has provided me with a set of great scenes.
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